Welcome to Heaney History! This website is dedicated to the family history of William Arthur Heaney and Julia Francis McCaffery Heaney of Greenport, NY. Much of the information included here was researched by their son, James Hugh Heaney.

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In 2002, James and Jack Heaney visited with Paddy Heaney in Cadamstown, Ireland. Paddy is a local historian in Offaly County and is the author of the book "At the Foot of Slieve Bloom - History and Folklore of Cadamstown".  Videos of the meeting with Paddy, James and Jack are available below. Double click on the links below to view the videos.


Video 1     


Video 2     


Video 3


Video 4

Michael R. McCaffery published a website with his research on the McCaffery family. The website has been gone for many years, but I saved a copy of the pages. They are available for download as three PDF files below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3